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There are many different ways that a person can dress and feel confident. One of the styles that some people choose is known as street chic, which is also known as street fashion. This type of fashion is achieved through combining articles of clothing and accessories to obtain a relaxed, but sensual appearance. This style is continually evolving. Street chic was not thought up in some massive house of fashion, but rather on the city streets around the world.

When applying street chic in fashion, it seems to be effortless. The style comes from the person wearing the outfit instead of a fashion designer making an outfit that will work for many different people. That is why this style is constantly changing.

One of the first ways to apply street chic in fashion is for the person to cultivate a sense of their own self. Each person is unique and special, so each person that their own taste in fashion. The person should know what they like in music, art and literature. They can then use these preferences incorporated into their own style. The person needs to remain open minded which making decisions for their style.

Another way to apply street chic is by knowing a person’s color. Most people have a color preference. This color looks good on the person. It will go good with their hair and eye color. It will also compliment their skin color. This is the color of clothing that should be worn at all times.

It is very important to learn about proportion when applying it to fashion. Street chic is all about balance in an outfit. If the person is wearing a loose top, then they should pair that with a tight bottom. If the bottom is baggy, then the top should be more streamlined. This fashion tip applies to shoes as well. If a person is petite, then they should not wear chunky heels. If the person has heftier calves, then stiletto heels are not the best choice. One body should be chosen to flaunt. A person should look chic, not trashy.

A person should strive to remain unique. This is the best part of being street chic. A person should not shop at the stores everyone else will shop at. Local thrift shops are the best place for a person to find their own unique style. Malls sell clothes that everyone else will be wearing and not something tailored to an individual.

A person should always purchase the basics. Basics are the items like some oversized v-necked tees or a pair of flattering jeans and also a great pair of flats or boots. Once the basics have been established, the person can then mix and match these to create many different looks.

Last but not least, the person should accessorize. Accessories are key to any will put together street chic outfit. Some perfect accessories are necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Besides jewelry, the person needs some belts and scarves and the perfect handbag. These items can help make a simple outfit look outstanding.

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