Skincare Doctor Shows What Wine, Gluten and Sugar Does to Your Face


The observant “you are what we eat” is intensely germane when it comes to a effects that dairy, wine, sugarine and gluten expenditure have on your face.

Naturopathic alloy and skincare consultant Nigma Talib believes that a food and drinks a chairman consumes has an immediate outcome on their face. The skincare specialist, who has treated celebrities including Sienna Miller and Charlotte Tilbury, categorizes these symptoms into opposite forms of faces: dairy face, sugarine face, booze face and gluten face.

Wine Face Symptoms

Pronounced lines or redness between a eyes, droopy eyelids, droughty or dry skin with leafy lines opposite cheeks, reddish cheeks and nose, lengthened pores, and low nasolabial folds.


Dairy Face Symptoms

Swollen eyelids, bags and dim circles around eyes, tiny white spots and bumps on chin.


Gluten Face Symptoms

Puffy red cheeks, dim pigmentation rags or spots around chin.


Sugar Face Symptoms

Lines or wrinkles on forehead, saggy eyes, skinny skinny face, unpleasant pustular spots on face, thinning of skin, grey or pale white paint of skin.


Talib explains that she immediately recognizes a revealing signs of symptoms for any of a faces. She said:

“The second a studious walks into my hospital we can immediately tell a arrange of dishes they tend to overeat only by checking a proceed their face is ageing.

“In fact, we mostly find myself reading pointless faces in a street. we wish to run adult to strangers and tell them to cut divert out of their diet or reason behind on a pasta as it is so transparent from their mettle that their diet is doing them harm.”

For example, Talib can tell that that a bloating and puffiness from an individual’s face indicates that they have had a wheat-heavy day — they ate cereal for breakfast, bread for lunch and pasta for dinner. She continues:

“A integrate of eyeglasses of booze can trigger excellent lines around a mouth and eyes, and — if we are fanatic — a tawny salsa or a square of cheese competence trigger a uneven dermatitis or dim circles underneath a eyes.”

Talib is not a initial follower that a person’s face is an indicator of their health and well-being. Face mapping has prolonged been used in ancient times, and many modern-day skincare brands have adopted this proceed to building their line of products.

As a skincare dilettante with over 10 years of practice, Talib has seen thousands of patients. She said:

“Certain food groups seem to be quite damaging: gluten, dairy, sugarine and alcohol. Each taxes a physique in specific ways, contributing to a cluster of ageing symptoms such as spots, puffiness, changes in skin tone, beforehand excellent lines and wrinkles or sagging.”

“The partial of your face many influenced – either it’s your forehead, chin, cheeks or eyes – will count on a partial of a physique being put underneath many highlight by a food group.”

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