How To Do A Grecian Curly Updo


Finding the right hairstyle is something that is very important for girls who are looking to develop their own unique style. Finding that right hairstyle is going to give them a look that will help them stand out. Once an individual has found the right hairstyle that is going to give them that unique look, they must learn how to do the hairstyle. Learning how to do the hairstyle will give them the ability to add this to their new look, or give them a new style at a unique event. In this article we will share with you how to do a Grecian curly updo.

This look is a great one for those who are looking for an elegant hairstyle to go with an evening gown or prom dress. This is a great hairstyle for those who are looking to have a stunning look on a fancy date as well. It isn’t the best hairdo however for those who are going to be having an active date or a sporty night. This hairdo is just great however for the more relaxed or elegant dates that may come along from time to time. For example, this hairstyle would be a great one for going to the theater or the opera.

The first thing that you are going to need to do is section off the different areas of the hair. First you will need to clip off a front portion of the hair for the bangs. Next, begin with sectioning off the sides. You will want to section off the hair on the sides, using the ears as the landmark for where you should partition off the hair. Make sure that you are using a comb or brush to get enough volume in the hair. Make sure that you use a little bit of hairspray to make sure that the hair really does have some great volume.

Next you will want to use a headband, some ribbon, or even a string, to get the full effect that you will want for this Grecian look. Wrap the ribbon around the head twice, and tie it behind the head to make sure that it stays in place. For the back of the hair you will want to section off the hair into 2 partitions, the top section of hair, and the bottom section of hair. For the bottom of the hair, you will want to make 2 braids, and then bring them to the top of the head and secure them. With the upper bit of hair, you will want to add volume to it by backcombing. With the rest of the hair, you will want to add curls. It doesn’t really matter where these curls are going, just let them flow freely. After you are done with your curls, you will want to put a quick spray of hairspray on these curls. After you have your curls done you will want to bring them up and pin them in place. Finally you will want to take care of the bangs, making them look pretty on the face.

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