How To Apply Makeup Primer


Foundation primer is a cream or lotion based substance meant to be applied prior to foundation in order to improve overall coverage, smooth the skin and assure that makeup is long lasting. Similarly, eye primer helps smooth the skin and prepare the eyes for makeup. Read on to find out how to apply makeup primer.

Choosing a Foundation Primer
Foundation primer is similar to a moisturizer because it hydrates and smooths the skins. Some primers are made specifically for certain needs such as oily skin. Oily skin primers often include ingredients such as salicylic acid, which will give users a matte look and reduce oiliness throughout the day. All primers are meant to make foundation last longer and go on smoother. Many primers also include ingredients that help improve the overall look of the skin such as antioxidants A, C and E. Primers can be either water or silicon based. Some primers are also made specifically to improve skin tone and color. Furthermore, many feature a sun protection factor. The most popular luxury brands of primers include Smashbox Photo Finish, Benefit The Porefessional and Loreal Purelight Primer. Also, a great choice for oily skin is Becca Matte Primer.

The first step in applying your makeup primer is to cleanse the face. Use a facial cleaner to wash your face and once you have rinsed off, then you should pat your skin dry using a towel. This will ensure you have clean skin that is ready for makeup to be applied. The next step is to apply your favorite moisturizer. This should be done before you apply your primer. It’s crucial to protect the skin by moisturizing.

Applying Face Primer
Grab your primer and apply a pea size amount of product onto your finger. Be sure to read the instructions as some primers might suggest applying a larger amount of product. After, dab on small dots of the primer on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. After, rub the primer until it is throughly blended.

Choosing Eye Primer
Eyelid primer works the same way that foundation primer does; however, it’s made specifically for the eyes. Many of these primers are made to help even out the color of the upper and lower eyelid. They also hydrate the eye skin, which makes makeup go on smoothly. Some are also intended for oily skin. Most eye primers will also smooth away fine lines. Older users should choose a primer meant for aged skin. It’s crucial to choose an eyelid primer that best fits personal needs. Popular eye primers include Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Applying Eye Primer
Begin by applying eye moisturizer to the upper and lower eyelids. You should always moisturize your eye skin, which is especially delicate. After, apply a tiny amount of primer to your finger and then spread the substance on the upper and lower eyelids. This will prepare the skin, smoothing out any fine lines. After, you may apply your concealer if you use it or your eye makeup.

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