How To Apply Hair Extensions


Whether you want to thicken out your hair or you simply want to make it longer, hair extensions provide you with an exceptional option and something that is able to last you a considerably long time, as long as you apply the hair extensions correctly. The better you apply the hair extensions, the more secure it is going to be and the better off your extensions are going to look. You just need to know how to properly do it.

First, you need to decide whether or not you want synthetic or human hair. Human hair is going to be more expensive and come in different grades, such as Malaysian, Brazilian and Indian, but it is going to give you a better look and feel. It is also able to move with your hair easier as well. However, synthetic hair is able to look and feel very close to actual hair, although it is not always going to have the same texture or shine of natural hair. This is just something you are not able to duplicate. It really comes down to what sort of style you are going for and how much of the hair extensions you intend on using. If you want your extensions just for a day or two, you can go with clip-in extensions, which basically clip to the base of your scalp and work well for the evening. However, if you want the extensions for a longer period of time, you need to go with the permanent variation.

To start with the hair extension application, wash your hair with a cleansing, clarifying shampoo. This is going to remove locks and any sort of styling or oil buildings. You want the extensions to stick to your hair. Just do not use any sort of conditioner after you shampoo. Once out of the shower, dry off your hair and brush it out. Make sure all of the moisture is out before you continue.

Now, divide your hair out into sections. You can come it in half, then into a half of each half section and so on. Make sure the sections begin at the base, then put the hair into dividers so each is kept separate while you attend to the other sections of your head. Now, apply one of the extension strains right to the dividing line between two different sections. Make sure it lines up with the roods of your hair and place it as close to your scalp as you possibly can. Holing it in place, take out a flat iron and crimp the extension to the hair. This helps fuse the hair together. The glue at the base of the extension is going to secure to the scalp and the rest of the hair with the heat of the flat iron. Once you have finished one section, twirl it in your fingers to test how tight it is. If the hair does not pull out or move, continue on with the rest of your hair.

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