Hot-to-trot conform trends for Melbourne Cup

Danielle Armit models racing conform from Grand Central in a lead adult to Melbourne Cup.Danielle Armit models racing conform from Grand Central in a lead adult to Melbourne Cup. Kevin Farmer

THE open racing deteriorate is on us and this year’s conform stakes are high.

With usually a few days until a competition that stops a nation, it is critical that women have their racing outfit sorted.

The races are one of a few occasions women have to dress tip to tail.

Grand Central stylist Carolyn Taylor-Smith pronounced this year’s conform was all about embracing scrupulous wardrobe and accessories.

“As always competition wear constitutes a genuine trend towards scrupulous glamour,” she said.

“The thing about conform during a impulse is it is all encompassing.

“We are saying pleasing elements that are unequivocally summing adult a really best of what we have seen in conform over a past few decades.

Kevin Farmer

“At a impulse there is an paper to vintage. What we are saying is a somewhat heterogeneous brew of contemporary with impulse from a 60s.”

The 1960s trend encompasses floaty delicate fabrics, superb laced gloves, lovable collars, far-reaching brimmed hats and longer lax silhouettes.

According to Ms Taylor-Smith, there is no specific colour that is smart this season.

Women can wear monochrome, patterns, floral or splendid colours.

“All opposite colours and patterns are on trend during a moment,” she said.

“That’s what creates open conform so great.”

The adversary will be usually as extreme off a lane as fashionistas conflict it out during fashions-on-the-field competitions.

Ms Taylor-Smith pronounced conform was always elaborating though with fashions on a margin a leader always had an hint of glamour, magnificence and femininity.

“What we see winning fashions on a margin is a really selected outfit and someone who truly has a finish look,” she said.

“Race days are one of a usually opportunities where women can go all out and that is what a judges will be looking for.”

There are so many options when it comes to anticipating a headpiece.

You can wear a petite fascinator, jewelled or feathered headwear or a hat.

All options are suitable for a races though Ms Taylor-Smith pronounced anyone looking to win fashions on a margin would have a matter headpiece.

Kevin Farmer

“Although we will see a lot of women wearing jewelled and feathered headpieces a judges will be looking for something that creates an impact on initial impression,” she said.

“That’s not to contend something understated wouldn’t win if a outfit was fantastic.

“Fashions on a margin has come to a indicate where it is about matter so if we are meditative of entering make certain your headpiece has a wow factor.

“For me, competition days concede women to demonstrate themselves with what they wear.

“It’s an event to demeanour and feel sensational.”


  • Be smart or singly classic
  • Make certain we feel good in what we wear
  • Buy your dress initial and afterwards buy accessories and headwear
  • Have a matter headpiece
  • Flowers and feathers are stylish all year round
  • Don’t forget a finishing touches such as accessories
  • The shorter a skirt, a reduce a heel

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