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How To Apply Makeup Primer

Foundation primer is a cream or lotion based substance meant to be applied prior to foundation in order to improve overall coverage, smooth the

Summer Evening Makeup Look

Preparing for an evening out? In the summer our make-up should be lighter with a touch of glow. What I like to do is

No Makeup Makeup Look Tutorial

Whether you’re spending a day with the girls, putting in long hours at the office, or heading out on a romantic date, “no makeup”

Kim Kardashian's 'Wear Makeup to Bed' Inspiration: Beauty Guru Charlotte Tilbury

10/29/2015 during 07:05 PM ET There are very, unequivocally few times Kim Kardashian West goes makeup-free (and when she does, it’s customarily since someone

Last Minute Makeup Ideas For Halloween — Get The Look

Courtesy of Instagram/Getty Images The final countdown for Halloween is here, and if you’ve nonetheless to find your dress you’re substantially in a panic.

Take 5: We collect 5 Halloween makeup looks we can lift off this weekend

Share with your friends: It’s October! So what does this mean? Halloween makeup tutorials everywhere! we privately adore examination makeup tutorials. we suffer seeing how

These socialite brothers get makeup recommendation from their mom

Stephanie Seymour, a tip indication in a ’80s and ’90s, pass on her beautiful genes and a passion for makeup to her sons.Photo: Clint

Kim Kardashian Commits #1 Makeup Mistake: Not Washing Face Before Bed

Courtesy of Instagram Kim Kardashian is a glorious black who always has flawless makeup, though she’s committing a outrageous makeup mishap! See since she

Halloween makeup mixture and beauty blunders to avoid

share share tweet pin email There’s a lot to adore about Halloween — from fun costumes to unconstrained candy. But today’s furious hairdo and

Here's How to Wash Off Your Halloween Makeup a Right Way

You spent hours recreating one of this year’s many considerable Halloween makeup tutorials, we went to a celebration and let everybody marvel during how

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